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Wilde Roses workshop

Wilde Roses offer workshops and masterclasses for adults and children

Wilde Roses offer audiences the opportunity to take part in workshops during which they share their knowledge, instrumental, vocal and movement expertise, and their love of this timeless music. These can be more practically focused or lecture based and tailored to audiences of all ages and abilities. Explore and develop your singing and historical music knowledge through an interactive, practical and fun workshop. Our masterclasses and workshops are suitable for any age and ability and create a relaxed and open environment to discover your medieval vocal technique and learn more about early music.

During the workshop/masterclass:

  • We will take you through some vocal exercises designed to free your voice and some movements to warm you up

  • You’ll learn about how we source and research our repertoire and look at some copies of original manuscripts

  • We’ll explore the pronunciation of some early languages and how they developed

  • We'll learn some beautiful historical songs

  • There will be the opportunity to have a close look at our many instruments and we’ll give a demonstration of them

  • We’ll have a question and answer session where you can bring all your early music / folk queries

  • We'll finish with a performance of the songs you have learned with instrumental accompaniment


Some topics we give workshops/lectures on:

  • Medieval and Renaissance Wind Instruments incl. demonstrations and recorder workshops

  • Medieval and Renaissance Plucked and Bowed String Instruments incl. demonstrations and tune/style workshops for students with early or modern instruments

  • A history of the English Language and other languages sung in the British Isles during the Middle Ages and Renaissance

  • Source Materials – who wrote down songs in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and how does the music look?

  • The role of Music in society during the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Britain


"The workshop held in October definitely challenged us, considering that we were singing in old English, which is not a language that I believe many of us were familiar with. However, as a result of the experience, we definitely learned a lot more about interpreting and performing old English texts, which not only enhanced our understanding of the texts, but provided us with skills for singing in other languages. For instance, mastering the attention to detail required for old English texts is certainly a skill that benefits us for singing in a variety of dialects and languages, helping us improve our performances and convey the lyrics in a much more moving and convincing manner." Student at McDaniel College, Maryland, US

To book a workshop for your festival, university, school or event please get in touch:

UK and European Agent - Anna Tam

US Agent - Carolyn Spedden, Well Met Productions: